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Ask HN: Who Is Hiring Remote Workers? (January 2011 Edition)
130 points by charlesdm on Jan 1, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 73 comments
Similar to the "Who is Hiring" thread but, please remote positions only.

Anywhere, but ideally Europe - Remote iOS/Android Senior Developer

We are a mobile app development studio with a very good reputation in London. http://www.fiplab.com/press.html

Our in-house apps are adding 1 million+ new users per month.

Salary + stock options.

Email: hello [at] fiplab . [com]

MetaOptimize hacks large data using machine learning, natural language processing, and visualization. Check out our ML+NLP Q+A forum: http://metaoptimize.com/qa/

I am, in particular, interested in the following three profiles:

* You have a strong background in applied machine learning or statistical analysis.

* or, You have a strong background in data visualization.

* or, You are a fast hacker, and can deliver bug-free Python code very quickly.

If you don't fit one of these three profiles, but you kick ass, feel free to email me anyway.

The main quality I am looking for is that I can give you an underspecified problem, and you can run with it. If you have analysis paralysis and want to email me back and forth many times before you can make a decision, this is the wrong job for you.

Please email me at joseph at metaoptimize dot com.

Has anyone received a reply yet?

Nope, FWIW

We're looking for python-specific skills at the moment, ideally with crawler and scaling experience.

We have some developers in the UK, but most of our guys are in Russia. The Russian guys have proved to be very very capable. We did not outsource to a company, but found people via forums and then recruited individually (initially) and then grew the team using the initial guys help.

very true. Hopefully I'm not just being bigoted because I am Russian, but I have worked with Russian speaking guys (Ukraine is great also) and I have to say that they care about the product quality. They often pushed back on my feature requests and forced me to discuss them until they were convinced the feature would be good. They want to make apps THEY want to use. At least, get the ones that DO that.

Yes, definitely. They don't just work as employees and they suggest new ideas, new ways of working that over the years have been hugely beneficial (with hindsight). I'd just like to also say that I gave some of the primary guys a revenue share in some of our products (such as SourceGuardian) and that was a way to say "thank you". The legal and taxation complexity of share ownership was going to be too difficult, so we have run with revenue share and it works well


We're looking for senior (team-lead) and regular developers. It's a PHP job, and we exclusively hire remote workers. We have about 16 developers at the moment, but we're expanding because we have a lot of projects on the back burner that we'd like to get started on. We won't be hiring you for any specific project; rather we'll be picking projects from the backlog once we have a sense for your strengths.

We only hire people who can do everything. You have to be able to write backend PHP code, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. We don't want to have people employed who we can't just point at any problem that comes up. People do tend to find their own niche, admittedly, and we're fine with you being better at some things than others.

...unless you're a great search developer, in which case we'll hire you anyway and lock you in a small room where you will never do anything but improve our search. <3 <3 <3

I will warn you that, no matter how awesome you are, everyone we hire spends their first 90 days in the small-projects and bugfixes silo. We think that it's a great way to make sure that everyone knows the codebase, which is large and sprawling. After that point we start moving people onto project teams.

That codebase? It's 10 years old and written in PHP. This implies certain things. It predates proper object support in PHP, and almost every PHP framework. So we're running an in-house framework. Understand that you will have to deal with varying eras of code. Also understand that you may have to hold your nose and just fix a bug in an old component without taking the time to rewrite it to modern standards. :)


Come on, you guys advertise this job post every month on HN. Hard to believe you haven't found the right candidate(s) yet...

Looks like they want to have only the best candidate, but for maintaining a horrible codebase. Obviously a position that's hard to fill.

I'm exaggerating the horribleness of the codebase for effect. Lots of it is in good shape, and we've been working on incremental rewrites to fix up the worst legacy spots. There are certainly bad bits, but they're also working bad bits, whose badness largely comes from being hard to bend to new use-cases.

However! I see a lot of developers who would have a hard time fixing a bug / making a small change in an area which has a lot of legacy cruft present without going and rewriting the whole thing. Now, they are right that rewriting it is probably the best course of action from a codebase-health viewpoint... but it's not necessarily the actual best use of their time. If code is working then it's not an urgent priority that it get rewritten.

To be slightly trite, "perfect is the enemy of good."

That's why we'd like to get developers who are okay with the idea of working on a codebase that contains legacy code. And that's why I'm a little bit over the top about it.

We've hired something like 4 people since we started talking about it here, I think.

Heh, yes. Developer team size is up to 23 now according to our about-us page. My estimate in that post was totally off.

Sorry, but this seems very odd to me that a developer would be almost 50% off in estimating their own team size, then post a second comment correcting it only halfway, and finally getting the correct answer by looking at your 'About Us' page?

What kind of working environment do you have that in a team of less than 25, a member of that team can be that far off-base?

Lots of communication via Skype chats in which I don't pay attention to the count of people in the room, and developers split into a bunch of small product teams so I don't have personal dealings with most of them on a daily basis.

Also I'm bad at estimating these things apparently. :P

It doesn't seem that unreasonable to think that they have a continual need for additional developers.

They're also not the only company that has a "We're Hiring" post in each of these threads which strikes me as a good thing--assuming the term of employment for new developers is longer than a month. :)

they do that with every job they advertise..I tend to not to believe them

Believe what?

Well, my claims about the working environment being filled with puppies and kittens are obviously a bit hard to stomach.

The entire Brightbox team work remotely. UK company but hire from anywhere in the world. Ongoing job opportunities here: http://www.brightbox.co.uk/about/jobs

Currently specifically looking for top systems engineers who can help build new cloud services, as per: http://beta.brightbox.com/

Automattic, company behind Akismet, Gravatar, WordPress.com, Polldaddy, now has 72 Automatticians across 17 states and 21 countries. We have an office in pier 38 in SF, but only about 6 of us are in the area. We're completely location agnostic.

Must love open source, and preferably use WordPress or one of our products already. The vast majority of our codebase is PHP/MySQL, with smatterings of Erlang and Java for our XMPP and search stuff, and we serve billions of requests a day across our services.

We have a number of positions open, but the code and systems wrangler ones are probably most interesting to the HN audience. Let us know you found the job here.


Intridea is looking for someone to run one of our flagship products which is in the process of becoming a standalone company. You need to have a mix of technical and business experience, be self-motivated, and have a TON of drive and vision. We need someone who will essentially be the CEO of this product. Send your resume to jobs@intridea.com if you're interested.

We're hiring Java wizards to work on the core of Tropo. http://tropo.com/

We're a distributed team (China, London, Orlando, Philly, Phoenix, and Bay Area) so we're adept at working remotely.

Somewhere in the Bay Area preferred, but we'd also love to talk to you if you're located near any other large US city or technology hub (Seattle, Boulder, Austin, Chicago, Boston, NYC, Philly, etc).

Job description at http://www.careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.aspx?...

Why the preferential treatment of folks from large cities and "technology hubs"? Seems to miss the point.

One reason is that we want our developers to be part of a technology community. Attending (and presenting at) industry events, meetups, bar camps, and local user groups. There's a lot more opportunity for that if you're located in certain parts of the country than others.

I'm sure that Buffalo, Oklahoma is a fantastic place to live, but we prefer you be somewhere you can hang out with, learn from, and teach other geeks.

That said, if you're unbelievably awesome, hit me up anyway. We like smart people regardless of their location.

It may sound unfair but in the USA broadband is not so good if you are not around major city hubs..which them being virtual might be their concern

I live in a US town of ~6k people, and currently get 6Mbps on the lowest tier plan available (50 Mbs is readily available, just a bit pricey for personal use).

I don't buy this argument at all, as there are metro areas that will have worse connectivity than some rural areas within the US.

I also wonder what the real reason is.

I live outside a town of 750 and have fiber to my freaking house.

I live in an area with approx. 370,000 people and my only ISP choice is Comcast. Verizon will not provide FioS here or DSL, and the wireless ISP in our area says my neighbor's tree is too large and blocks LoS to their tower.

That really sucks. We moved to this little town mostly because we could get acreage and decent connectivity.

Care to recommend any areas with acreage and good broadband?

We're hiring a part time (up to 20hr/wk), remote web application developer to support a BPM project for one of our clients, a high technology manufacturing firm in Sunnyvale, CA. The platform is Intalio BPMS (http://intalio.com) and skillsets required include building AJAX user interfaces (we are using Tibco GI), web service implementation and testing (XSLT, Xpath, SoapUI), MySQL, Tomcat. Small team, good rate, interesting technology. Contact: info@innovelocity.com

Canonical has a number of remote positions open: http://webapps.ubuntu.com/employment/

I am curious about learning what it is like to work for Canonical. eg, Linking to some blogs of people already on the team would help.

Blue Gecko (a remote DBA services company) is looking for intermediate to expert MySQL or PostgreSQL DBAs. Although our headquarters is in Seattle, many of our DBAs work at home full time, and our corporate culture is configured to accommodate remote workers. Since we operate 24/7 we need folks in every timezone.

Drop me a line if you're interested, my email address is in my profile.

I am not able to see your email in the profile. Can you please update it?

Fixed. Apparently only the 'about' section of your profile is publicly available, while the 'email' section is not.

Any sysadmin/ops positions? Er, *nix that is. I know next to nothing about windows these days.

NearlyFreeSpeech has a current posting for a FreeBSD admin: https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/about/work

Seems they always have such a posting, so I don't know if it's just not a current page or they have high turnover of admins.

That said, I'd also be interested in seeing other remote UNIX admin job postings.

Hiring C++ developers with expertise in robotic simulation and control and/or machine vision. http://www.energid.com/contact.htm

We are looking for guys and gals who can help us hack together Mathematica graphics for an interactive calculus textbook. We are currently in talks with an established publisher to partner with, and Wolfram is trying their best to make this happen.

It doesn't matter how young/old you are, where you live, or what college you went to. All we care about is whether you can deliver the Mathematica code we need to make this happen.

If want to help us revolutionize the textbook industry, please go to the elance page for this project, http://bit.ly/eUTmb8, and apply.

If you have any question about the project and the place you could play it, please email me personally at zack@zacharymaril.com.

I'm looking for a designer, and a UX person (hopefully one and the same) that can help build out a mobile / web application in the healthcare space.

We are hq'd in Omaha, Nebraska, but are open to talent being anywhere.

If you are interested, email matt nimblelogic com with a subject of PV.

I'm looking for a strong front-end developer (HTML/CSS/JS) for a 40/hr week contract position for three months with competitive pay.

AppShopper.com is looking for a full time PHP/MySQL developer (Remote employees welcome). It will cover both backend/frontend maintenance as well as new features. We are a very popular App Store index and price tracker and are growing in popularity with both the website and our iPhone App. We are trying to take it to the next level, and require additional developer resources. We're bootstrapped and profitable.

AppShopper is part of a small family of websites including MacRumors.com and TouchArcade.com. If you are interested, please contact me at arn@normalkid.com.

Hiring remote PHP/CodeIgniter freelance/contracter for a new SaaS project, month or two, three of work, part or fulltime. Contact me & show me some Codeigniter code/project you did.

Anything out there for C#/Asp.net/MVC?

We're looking for a longer term contract relationship with a developer who has significant development experience in PHP/MySQL/CSS and Javascript. Specifically, we want an individual who has done a lot with shopping carts and inventory management, and also comfortable with front and back-end design. We have a fairly complicated process that is constantly changing and therefore the codebase needs to be flexible as we are a new business (04/2010) and still working out the kinks.

The code has gone through a couple iterations with varying enhancements, but we ultimately want to deal with an individual or small team that we can get timely responses and changes from (we are located in Texas).

If you are interested, go to this form and leave your name and an email we can contact you at.


FYI, that link goes to your Google Apps login page. :)

Hiring PHP/Wordpress skills for a small contract job

I am hiring remote workers who know Javascript and jQuery extremely well. They would have to do jQuery, jQuery Mobile and Node.js .


I am hiring remote programmers with advanced programming skills in Java, Ruby, Javascript and jQuery.


Your form asks for a US-only format for the phone number.

Thanks for informing me, I fixed it.

This is the second post from myself in this thread. The reason I've separated it though is that we are looking for coders for a client who we're involved with on a percentage-share basis. They are looking for people to work on a telecoms/web project and are looking primarily for PHP skills (I know, I know). Normally we're using Python for our own projects, but PHP is required as there is existing code. If you're interested, drop me a line

I'm a bit late to this game, but if you're looking to pick up a couple extra hours a week, and you know ruby, rails, javascript and css, I'd love to hear from you.

I need some help on a couple side projects that are taking up too much time. My email is in my profile. Send me some info and your rate. Your location irrelevant, but I'm based in SF.

Bandzoogle.com is hiring a full time Rails developer. We build tools that help bands succeed online. Unlike many music industry startups we’re stable (launched in 2003), profitable, and growing fast.

More details and to apply: http://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/8006

Please mention if you're interested in hiring a remote intern.

It's often difficult to hire a remote intern as so much of the benefit from both parties comes from working alongside the other. That's hard to replicate remotely, and you often (but not always) end up as nothing more than less expensive labor.

As someone who worked as a remote intern one summer, I'd be interested in hearing why you think that.

It helped that the company had a very Campfire-heavy culture, but I don't think the experience would have been too much better for either side if I had been onsite.

I have been also a intern a remote intern and was a complete success, I also participated two times in Google Summer of Code and I learn tons of things.

I would be interested in taking on a remote intern or two over the next few months. I am an independent software developer who works on several client and personal web applications, mostly using Ruby on Rails (jQuery on the frontend). If anyone is interested in internship where they could work with RoR, HTML/CSS/JS, or learn about how a freelance business works shoot me an email (address in profile).

I would be interested in knowing this also

Anyone looking for marcomm (marketing) or technical writers?

Hiring PHP/Zend for contract / freelance work


Is anyone looking for Erlang developer?

I hope you seriously meant 2011 lol

Hah, updated.

Is anyone looking for a part time Perl programmer?

I am looking for a PHP developer who has previously written at least one WordPress plugin. Contact information in profile.

You'll find a bunch of remote hiring folks at outsourcing websites.

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