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Ex-Joyeur (dtrace.org)
81 points by skreuzer 78 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I very much enjoy watching Bryan Cantrill on YouTube, always interesting, informative and funny. All the best to him for whatever he does next. As an aside I feel (as in I don't really know I only get an impression) that Solaris with Zones, ZFS and DTrace should have been a much bigger deal than it currently is, in today's Linux and container dominated landscape. Joyent seemed to bet a lot on it, amongst other things. If only Oracle didn't mess everything up.

Love his talks too! I wish him all the best on his future endeavours!

Hope he stays active in the Illumos community. Though I could understand it if he has seen enough Solaris for one lifetime.

Curious to see what he will do next. Wouldn't surprise me if he was going to do something with Rust. Maybe a startup with a Rust OS....a unikernel with userland thread support ;-)

Yeah he has about the same amount of love for userland threads ;-)

Tech is amazing too bad they did not become big enough to compete with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

My money* is on Bryan and Jesse announcing a joint venture. Power to them if they do.

* money == wine & cheese;

would love to see that also. Two people that know perfectly how to surf on the social media trendy subjects to market themselves

That would be interesting.

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