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We can. http://mozakai.blogspot.com/2010/08/emscripten-llvm-to-javas... or its kin will definitely see a place in the future of web development.

x86 is a sucky architecture to target but we target it cause that's what's worked on. Path of least resistance. Same will happen to JavaScript as a bytecode target, inevitably, and when it's abstracted away and browsers speed up even faster, we won't be bothered by the pain points, just use the implementation.

Can you tell me how this is different from, say, Java? The fact that you are happy to run arbitrary binary code that was compiled for a specific platform? So now we are supposed to "write once compile everywhere" like C++, and then ship that to platforms? That is not in the spirit of the web AT ALL. If you want Java, at least THAT is write once, RUN anywhere. And why isn't running Java more seamless? I think answering THAT will be helpful to the original discussion.

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