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>There are certainly fields / problems that interest me (low level embedded type stuff, low latency programming, etc.), but they tend to not be accessible to someone with my educational background

You are absolutely wrong here. You can pick up Embedded & Electronics on your own(i have done it). Combine it with your experience writing CRUD apps, add a dash of ML in the Cloud and you can enter the End-to-End Distributed Systems market (eg. IoT etc.) You can go as deep as you want into Embedded/Electronics domain in addition to having the ability to bridge all the way to Cloud-based user-facing software. You learn Systems, HW and SW which is immensely challenging and satisfying.

PS: Do NOT quit your job. Just do what is needed, collect your paycheck and focus on studying new things. Once you do this, you will find that the same "boring" job can be looked at through a new perspective and becomes interesting once more.

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