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I'd love to learn all about the coding/mechanics etc that goes into game development, but I have zero imagination when it comes to good game ideas. I feel like I would need to partner with somebody a lot more creative to be effective.

Nothing stopping you from doing just that!

Pick a game development technology that you like the look of (a language or framework or engine), do their basic tutorial, then drop by their forums. Almost all of them will have a "looking for collaborators" section where people with ideas but insufficient skill, or with skill but insufficient ideas, can shop around for partners to make something cool.

If you're not picky regarding tech, there's also TIGSource, which has a platform non-specific collaborators wanted forum: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?board=8.0

Or, if you're looking for something a bit more time boxed, a lot of game jams (game development hackathons) will help you find a team to work with on a no-commitment once off project to get a feel for whether this is something you enjoy. See if there are any running near you, and drop on by. Global Game Jam is a great one for this, but it's not until early next year, which may be too long a wait for you.

Good idea(s), thanks!

Felt the same way, but if you look closely, good games are simple games. Heck you could even build simulators that don't involve much imagination as you base them on real life objects.

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