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Thanks for talking about Honeycomb, I’ve been looking out for peoples experiences as it looks like quite a nice tool.

We’ve just moved over to structured event based logging, but we’re still using tools like Sumo, newrelic, etc and it’s not all nicely tied together.

I’ve been looking at Honeycomb to either replace or augment our existing tools but had little to go on besides the marketing pages.

Honeybee here. Feel free to just try it, there's a 14 day free trial, and a free community edition for small amounts of data :) experiment away, and our community slack is super friendly!

We certainly wouldn't fit into the community edition :)

Our main project is running on Django 1.11. I'm going to wait until we're on Django > 2 for the database tracing integration.

What I'd love to see is a screencast, demo, or series of screenshots that digs into the (out of the box) Django integration. NewRelic gives us a lot of insight into our database performance, including EXPLAIN traces for slow queries. Does Honeycomb provide something similar?

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