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I would +10 this, but would not prefer joining the game industry.

Instead join any related graphics domains: scientific visualisation, graphics drivers, jobs that involve writing game frameworks [1] for example. These jobs will give you both the fun of working in a hard domain combined with the stability that does not come with the intrinsic fickle nature of game industry. FWIW, I have followed this path of learning to write games on the side but not joining any game industry.

My 2$, I would say don't go to the extreme decision of leaving tech (that is also not a bad idea if you work it out) but before exploring all the other interesting options in tech and giving that a try, may make you think 'but if' in the future. Best!

[1] https://jobs.apple.com/en-us/details/113436938/game-developm...

That's pretty expensive advice, I wouldn't pay more than .02$ for that :-)


alas, I don't even know the handy shortcut for the cent symbol of my butterfly keyboard, I expected that to have on my touch bar :-)

Upvote! I'm transitioning from CRUD-ish stuff that while high-performance, cloud, ... requires a whiteboard to explain to friends and family. Joining a infrastructure unit at a local university shortly that help develop interactions between traditional humanities, culture and information technology in research, postgrad education and teaching.

Another idea is to join a small team, so that you have to become more of a jack-of-all-trades.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

I think you are aiming rightly for ‘jack of (n - 1) trades, master of 1” :)

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