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I want to live in your world, where benevolent megacorps don’t cheat on emissions tests, or self-validate relaxed stability planes that require additional features to avoid crashing, or turn a blind eye to overseas suicide factories.

And where the only bad person is Elon Musk.

Ah yes, the old "if you don't call out every single corporate bad actor then you also cannot call out Tesla" argument. Maybe your comment would make more sense if there were HN threads full of commenters repeating talking points from Boeing or VW execs.

No, I am not engaging in whataboutism, it is just that alleging that Elon Musk is the single worst person in the world is ludicrous. Please reread this sentence of yours:

>could be easily rolled out by any of Tesla's competitors if not for the fact that they have at least some scruples about beta testing their software on public roads.

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