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Battle for Castle Itter (wikipedia.org)
55 points by sethbannon on Aug 1, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Read this a while ago when https://riddip.com/the-battle-for-schloss-itter made the rounds on Twitter. Maybe a bit nicer to read than the Wikipedia summary.

How has this not already been made into a film?

Did someone think "nah, this is too far fetched, people will never believe it" and make The Guns of Navarone, or Kelly's Heroes instead?

It's in pre production: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5138232/

edit: fixed typo, said "post" before

Pre not post

(”Production Status: Pre-production”)

> "The French prisoners included former prime ministers, generals and a tennis star. It is the only known time during the war in which Americans and Germans fought side-by-side. Popular accounts of the battle have called it the strangest battle of World War II.[4]"

> "He was taken to Major Josef Gangl, commander of the remains of a unit of Wehrmacht soldiers who had defied an order to retreat and instead thrown in with the local resistance, being made its head.[23]"

> "Gangl died during the battle[35] from a rifle bullet while trying to move former French prime minister Reynaud out of harm's way[37] and was honored as an Austrian national hero,[38] and a street in Wörgl was named after him.[39][40] "

> "The battle was fought five days after Adolf Hitler had committed suicide[4] and only two days before the signing of Germany's unconditional surrender. It was also the only battle where Americans and Germans fought alongside one another during the war.[41]"

> and a tennis star

This is the cherry on the top of all this.

The cherry on top of the cherry is that he was apparently kind of a badass, too, escaping from captivity twice before this battle and then, when the castle was already surrounded by SS troops and under attack:

> ... Lee [US captain, in charge by this point] accepted tennis star Borotra's offer to vault the castle wall and run the gauntlet of SS strongpoints and ambushes to deliver [a message re: their situation, requesting reinforcements]. He succeeded, requested a uniform, then joined the force as it made haste to reach the prison before its defenders fired their last rounds of ammunition.

The Last Battle, the book that is used as a reference for 95% of the entire wikipedia article, is definitely worth a read. One of those stories that I'm surprised hasn't been turned into a movie yet (maybe because some of the Nazis are "good guys"?) edit: never mind, looks like they're finally making a movie about it

This battle is also the subject of one of my favorite Sabaton songs.

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