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Website Builder Webflow (YC S13) to Exceed $200M Valuation in New Funding (theinformation.com)
24 points by ballmers_peak 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Congrats. They deserve it.

Even though my company focuses on front-end dev, we still use webflow for our marketing website because it's that easy.

They're by far the closest to achieving what Dreamweaver once set out to. Works best when used for marketing websites and when mixed with a basic respect for CSS.

(1) Idea > (2) Make page in something that feels like figma/sketch > (3) Publish ... is such a pleasant workflow.

Webflow seems like a perfect acquisition for Microsoft to take on Adobe. I agree, it is the modern Dreamweaver.

Microsoft could, in one week, acquire Serif (Affinity), Black Magic (Davinci Resolve), Webflow, photopea.com, squarespace and have a day 1 full feature competitor to Adobe Creative Cloud. Microsoft Creator 365.

Im kind of shocked they have moved into the marketing cloud sector against Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle, but ignored creative tools while allowing companies like Serif to reinvent themselves overnight.

FYI: the information in this article is inaccurate. See the August 7th Forbes article for the correct information:

* https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexkonrad/2019/08/07/webflow-w...

* https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20636476

We tried and used Webflow extensively in our company for about 2 years. It was great for most tasks and we could get up and running fairly quickly. Sadly our UI dev team never fell in love with it and slowly but surely Webflow faded to the background. I noticed our subscription had run out a couple of months ago and nobody had since complained. Brilliant piece of software, however if you are someone who operates on the code level, never quite good enough.

Webflow was definitely a gamechanger in terms of All-in-one CMS. It lacks a thousand features, but the core value of the product is just too good: Creating new pages in a few minutes (with reusing lots of components), hand it over to the content team, you're done...

Congrats! Used webflow for 2 yrs to launch my last startup. That was 4 years ago. And now using it again for the next one. The CMS is new and what a wonderful thing it is. Love the thought they put into releasing very polished product. Great work!

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