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> A common sentiment is that Bertrand Russell is too biased in his presentation, but his survey was a popular classic for many years.

Since he explicitly comments on his subjects and is quite clear when he's doing so, and lays out up front which sorts of things he'll be focusing on for the whole enterprise, that complaint's never made much sense to me. I'm sure there's some further bias, but that's going to necessarily be true of any shortish treatment of such a broad field.

> - Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy

I'd for sure recommend Russell over this. Durant's scope both in philosophers covered, and the portions of their philosophy he focuses on (chiefly ethics, IIRC), is much smaller, and his coverage less insightful and fluent. Russell's is the better single-volume intro to the field of the two, Durant's being so bland and shallow by comparison to make the choice an easy one. Russell's not really any harder to read, either, though the medieval section's kind of a slog (Durant solves that problem by basically skipping all of it).

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