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The failure of Facebook might well be stimulative to employment and the economy. Imagine the wave of startups and new initiatives from other companies trying to compete in all the areas Facebook's in now. And unlike banks no significant part of the broader economy is at risk if facebook.com and instagram.com start 404ing forever tomorrow. A hiccup in the "influencer" economy, such as it is, which is negligible anyway, and they'll all have new homes one place or another (or several) inside a week and be building their followings back up.

And yeah, ditto Equifax. There are two other credit agencies already. They're all same-ish as far as I can tell. Pretty sure there are only three so they can pretend there's competition, not for any actual purpose. Again, it might be an opening for a new competitor anyway, while causing minimal short-term harm.

That just sounds like breaking windows to ensure more work for glassmakers to me. You're also ignoring the value Facebook ads provide to every business who advertises on that platform.

The shattering noise is the sound of self breaking windows.

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