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The consequence is I won't use them and as much as possible others won't either. It's not the same as no consequence, but I get what you mean. The government plays so nicely with business that we shouldn't expect even a day's worth of business profits in related fines.

I wish I had the option of not using Equifax (or Experian, or Transunion, or the secret telecom one), but apparently there is no way to opt out of all your most personal data being the product they sell in these private systems.

LexisNexis? there are a bunch of opaque databases that can contain your info

> The consequence is I won't use them...

Yeah, i fully agree...But, what about orgs like equifax where you and I are not really given a choice about their role in our lives? Even before all the shenanigans around equifax, would i have willingly allowed equifax into my life? Heck no! So, while i 100% agree that we should vote with our wallets/purses, sometimes that isn't enough...and that makes me a sad panda. </sigh>

I am pretty sure the vast majority of people don't even know about these breaches, and even if they do it's news that passes them by quickly. Maybe a rant or two on Facebook and then onto the next thing. Almost everyone will continue to use their Capital One credit card and the company will barely see a blip in their revenue.

When the news is mainly about people dying, someone selling stolen rolodexes sounds insignificant in comparison

It does to me.

100m people losing a minute of their life to handling this (lets call it nanodeath) is 190 continuous years of wasted time that you could have spent with your family, napping, reading or other pleasurable life things.

That’s the kind of math that, say, an insurer, should do to determine whether an intervention should be paid for.

But usually you just get called a monster for doing that kind of math.

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