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One of many basic cultural differences between the UK and the EU. In the EU you must give up your biometrics (fingerprint) by law. Doesn't surprise me that they are leaving.

I think surveillance techniques and invasion of privacy are often spearheaded by the UK. I remember the CCTV cameras where everywhere long before other countries leveraged them at that scale.

Then great for the EU. God willing, y'all will roll back some of that stuff if she leaves.

Please show which law this is, I've never had to give my biometrics to anyone but the US government when visiting there.

All the UK passports and non-national resident ID cards are facial biometric.

> In the EU you must give up your biometrics (fingerprint) by law

Generic and incorrect statement

Also, I'm not an UK citizen and I'm forced to give up my biometrics (face) whenever flying out of an UK airport. Or when flying into the US.

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