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A probably paranoid note of caution: it isn't confirmed that this is correct.

RC3 was released July 24, this version was posted July 29, but currently (12h15 GMT on July 30) it hasn't been announced, either on the website or social media. But downloads for all platforms without RC* numbers have been added to the download directory (and they are not just duplicates of RC*).

The team were planning to build the final version yesterday for release today. So that does check out. But until they announce, it might be worth being patient for a couple of hours.

It is SIGGRAPH this week, so the team has been busting a move to get 2.80 out. Particularly after a couple of weeks of really impressive announcements on funding. So it is likely this is the final version, waiting for a formal launch later today. But it could just be a temporary thing.

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