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I think you could just sign up on one of the onion drug/fraud markets for ~$500 vendor deposit and put up a listing for those profiles at like $5-10 a pop.

If you were lazy you could just hit up an existing vendor and ask them to sell your data in batches.

I’m not saying this would be a good idea, but it certainly wouldn’t be very difficult.

Then Capital One will find out immediately because banks hire firms to watch darknet markets. JP Morgan discovered a breach when they found data being sold on one of those forums and that was years ago.

This will just intensely increase the scrutiny of where the data came from and they'd likely be caught anyway, unless they did a very clean job security-wise. Which very few people seem to be able to do when the feds really want you.

Moving to Russia or another country without extradition treaties would probably be a good first step of that plan.

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