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This is actually huge. Tesla is again thinking and executing way ahead of anyone else. I don't attribute it all to Elon Musk. But there is some life force in Tesla that's pushing it along even when naysayers, sometimes criminally, try to destroy Tesla.

There are other players in the modular utility scale energy storage space. GE and Fluence are two examples.



Yes, but Tesla is actually doing equally good or better than the incumbents. And this is on top of a car company. It is hard to overstate what Tesla has achieved. There is a reason why Tesla has crazy fans.

What do you think is a mistake Tesla is currently making?

I may agree with you in part, but overall your tone is just so overwhelmingly positive it makes me curious where you have dissonance?

Not sure if my comment seemed otherwise, but I am overwhelmingly pro Tesla.

"naysayers, sometimes criminally, try to destroy Tesla"

Who & what did you have in mind, exactly? The only example which comes to mind is the skabooshka lawsuit, which Tesla had to drop when their megacorp legal resources finally ran up against an opponent with some funding, thanks to crowdsourced donations.

Given that essentially every major executive (other than Elon Musk) and huge chunks of the Tesla board have all left the company and furiously dumped their stock, I'd say there's plenty of naysaying coming from within as well. Not exactly the signs of a vital corporate "life force" at work.

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