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Given that Ms. Thompson is transgender [0], it's likely a lot was stacked against her emotionally. 40% of trans-identifying individuals to attempt suicide [1]. This is a disappointing omission from the reporting and the road that lies ahead for Ms. Thomson in the hands of the federal prison system is surely horrifying.

[0] https://twitter.com/0xA3A97B6C/status/1152518528907354112 [1] https://transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/usts/USTS...

I wonder if it could be an effective legal defense for her, akin to plot of Soderbergh Side Effects (2013). "not guilty by reason of insanity" due to hormonal treatment, there are precedents




As a transgender person, I can tell you that estradiol absolutely cannot induce insanity. At the absolute most, it can screw with your emotions in the same exact ways as PMS (and PMS is indeed caused by hormonal fluctuations).

The idea that it's on the same level as ambien is absurd.

NGRI is just a legal term covering committing a crime while not in full possession of ones faculties, not limited to the put me in the cuckoo house stuff people tend to associate with the word.

Maybe drs shouldn't prescribe meds in such doses if they have such harmful effects?

It's really tough, because not treating gender dysphoria properly can be much more dangerous. It's a severe disorder thats made much, much worse by discrimination.

It really seems like a lot of cases of gender dysphoria is more society driven. Younger trans or non-binary kids I know seem to be quite a bit happier than trans folks I know in their 30's. Gender is not inherently tied to sex, and variation in gender expression is normal and not unhealthy at all (societies all around the world recognize it). I think improving attitudes might really be having an effect of reducing the amount of gender dysphoria.

I recommend researching and listening to the growing group of young people (mostly women) who are talking about their experience with desistance.

Interestingly the Daily Mail had this detail, and I wondered why they felt the need to include it; at first glance it didn't seem at all relevant. My belief is that the small number of trans people I know would rather be judged by their actions in an absolute sense, rather than "well this is kinda excusable because he/she is trans", but maybe I need to re-examine that.

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