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Are Git and SVN really considered IDEs?

Not to anyone even remotely in the industry.

I think the minimum to be considered an IDE, you need to be able to edit, possibly compile depending on the language, and run/debug from within the same tool. By last loose definition, I've joked my most used "IDE" would be bash. I can edit with vim, compile/link with make/gcc/ld, and debug using gdb or run my bins directly.

I mean it's an integrated development environment in that I can access all of my tools from one centralized location, the bash shell, but certainly not integrated in the sense that I have a GUI that hides the nuances of commands of various tools behind menus and friendlier non-command-line names and making it appear that the half dozen or so tools are a single entity.

I also use Visual Studio for Windows development and I've been switching between VS Code and PyCharm for Python development.

But are git and svn an IDE? No. They are both merely source control management systems.

Are they even considered programs?

yes, they are programs. They, like most of the truly important software, don't have a UI, but they run none the less.

My point was going to be that these are concepts and protocols rather than programs, and that you would use an actual program (eg TortoiseGit) to actually use it.

But then I read your comment and realised in *nix the program is actually called "git". So I concede :-)

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