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To do that would require them to _become_ a power company in each jurisdiction that they wanted to do this in. Those markets are generally highly regulated - the amount of distraction & overhead this would create would be staggering, _immense_.

I think Tesla already has enough on it's plate.

This is my answer. Selling into unrelated markets creates a need for duplication. At lower ranks that's 'fine' but becomes problematic at the level of senior management. Companies often sell off profitable divisions because management either can't or doesn't want to give them enough attention.

Actually they will do this by selling to consumers directly as well with the same technology. They are getting ready to sell solar + battery directly to home owners at a huge scale (bottle-necked on some production capacity issues currently). Once they get there, they will have a virtual power plant that they can operate and control. So, Tesla is going there but just not in the way people expect. In the same way vehicle to the grid technology is a substantial battery resource that people overlook. Not a stretch of the imagination that a battery + solar solution for your home would play really nice with the Tesla parked in front of it. Vehicle to the grid technology already exists. There's just no way that they are not planning for that.

That seems fairly obvious to me - SolarCity/Tesla have always talked about building a "virtual" utility via residential solar+battery, with the cars working as an (occasionally) mobile battery component.

But the OP's question was why don't Tesla install MegaPaks that they own themselves, into diverse energy markets around the world - and become a traditional utility.

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