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I guess this is how we all finally get paid for our data. Just continually file for our $125 check as every company that exists is hacked over the next decade.

FYI, getting a $125 check from Equifax is contingent on most of the people that are eligible to get one not actually requesting it. It'll probably be less

Yeah, there's only $31M allocated for those payouts :/

Because most people won't qualify to get the payout. It's just restitution for people who responded to the news of the breach by paying for credit-monitoring services. If you didn't do that, you don't get paid. You just get free credit-monitoring service.

Incredible, ~147 million people's data was exposed and they've only allocated 248,000 people's worth of checks. That's 0.17% of the victims..

So less than 5% of the settlement goes to people affected? Yes, that seems reasonable...

Right? Also just FYI I pulled that number from


Our society should give up expecting these things to stay private, secure, secret etc and figure out how to do financial things another way.

dont you mean $2 check? Equifax settlement is capped at ~30mil

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