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Good lord.

-Paige left code used in the "attack" on her GitHub.

-Paige left text files with unencrypted data there, too.

-Paige openly posted about it in an open (!!!) Slack channel and publicly named her VPN service of choice, which of course, matched access logs AND GitHub server logs. (Also tor, which the FBI agent was able to confirm and add yet another data point)

-Paige said "I have a leak proof IPredator router setup." nice.

Nice opsec there. Sheesh.

EDIT: Thanks for the PACER share, by the way.

It says she posted on "social media" (Twitter) about it, claiming to have Capital One information, "and that she recognizes that she acted illegally".

Nothing about Opsec here. She basically asked them to arrest her. Probably had some of the usual motivations: "look at me I'm clever", "look at this stupid big company with bad security", or maybe used the opportunity for some political thing with banks. Not the sophisticated hacker type. But who knows.

Edit: originally I asked about her Github profile listed in the complaint as paigea(5x * characters)thompson but was iffy on whether that was okay on HN.

That also links to her gitlab profile which contains her resume/CV in PDF format (among other OSS work).

She did indeed work at Amazon on AWS in 2016 , specifically on s3:


That PDF also contains her home address and other personal information so I'd rather not link directly.

In https://gist.github.com/paigeadelethompson/620192d8c4b344d24...

Interesting note that she comments that they skipped 3 for the fan values. Seemingly an oversight for the fact that these fan values of 1,2,4 indicate that it is probably a bitfield with each bit indicating a fan speed.

Her gitlab account shows it was updated just few hours ago. How is this possible?


When you star a project it gets "updated" even if you unstar it. Kinda like Unix's touch command.

Almost certainly deactivated/seized and part of evidence. With some googling you can find her Keybase and other pages aplenty if you like. Almost all her content is scrubbed from the Internet, however.

(this person's original comment was asking for her github profile)

Generally having a screenshot of someone telling you "don't go to jail plz" in a criminal complaint against you is not ideal.

I hope the reality is that criminals are really dumb and not that we only catch the really dumb ones.

Heh, not even close. I know several individuals who should be in prison for their cyber crimes. But the fact is, not only have they never been caught, the victims probably don’t even know that anything happened.

There is such a lack of talent out there right now in the cybersecurity industry that it’s very easy for criminals to slip around undetected. You’d have to be a total idiot to get caught, or catch the attention of someone really motivated to catch someone.

It's both, if that helps.

Why do you use first name here instead of last?

No one calls Snowden just Edward, this comes across as a form of degrading women to girls.

Mostly people call me by my first name and I do the same to most people (likely more to men than women, if I had to guess). People call Edward Snowden by his last name because it's unique and catchy.

Theo de Raadt is often just called "Theo" here for similar reasons. Rarely if ever have I seen him called "de Raadt" on this forum.

Your comment is unfortunately typical of drive-by Internet outrage these days.

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