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I'd imagine that this minimum size of 3MWh is ideal for fast charging locations, combined with solar panels on the roof. A by-product of SCv3 development? If it costs around $200/KWh or less, it's very attractive for a variety of commercial applications with PV capability and non-uniform electricity needs.

I would not be surprised if Megapacks are what will power the Megachargers for the forthcoming Tesla Semi. A simple-to-deploy solution for carriers that doesn’t require significant site prep. Inverter power output of 1.5MW would align very well with the stated charge rate and buffering 3MW of energy is probably sufficient for 2 full charges without requiring a massive and rapid draw on the grid.

Fast charge is DC, they wouldn't use an inverter. Theoretically if the semi can handle it and the voltage were the same they could connect the semi pack directly to the megapack battery to charge. It would only get you to 80% charge but it would be simple to implement.

The inverter could be used to recharge the Megapack from power mains. Though if it is connected to a solar array the inverter might be skipped. I'm sure they can exclude that component for such installations.

For sure; I foresee that Tesla will be able to build off-the-grid charging stations with one of these and a roof of solar panels. I mean assuming cars with a 100 kWh battery, you could do up to 30 charge cycles (not counting losses of course).

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