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>All Megapacks connect to Powerhub, an advanced monitoring and control platform for large-scale utility projects and microgrids, and can also integrate with Autobidder, Tesla’s machine-learning platform for automated energy trading.

Oh. My. God.

pow(What_could_go_wrong, 2);

How do you think the grid currently works? This is nothing new, really.

It's just trading. Maybe the ML makes some mistakes and someone loses some money while someone else gets some free or negatively priced electricity.

Hmm, valid point. I hadn't thought of the risk factors on the downside.

That just leaves the common attack-vector concern for any grid adding this into their ecosystem.

It's just trading and can flash-crash the grid.

I'm glad to hear that Elon Musk solved options trading, the complexities were really bugging me.

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