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Learn a little jq, Awk and sed (letterstoanewdeveloper.com)
23 points by mooreds 85 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

When I first saw someone using zsh (omz), I was awe-struck.

Same thing happens to the person sitting next to me when I pipe an output to jq.

however, I find jq not so friendly piping its output to other programs.

I recently wrote a fairly useful script and the key for me was to construct strings using jq, which were then parseable by stuff it was streamed to.


Basicalky, I converted each JSON object passed in into a bunch of delimiter separated lines.

Link doesn't work for me, but that sounds like a great example!

That's what Mario is for. https://python-mario.readthedocs.io/

why would I use sed over vim for regex replacements? in nvim I can

  set inccommand
and see whether I've gotten my line noise right as I go.

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