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The dumbest things about these polygraphs is that you're pretty much forced to lie if you want to pass. Some of the questions were vague and if you are a normal human being without a halo glowing on your head you would fail. Questions like "Do you love your parents?", "Have you ever spread gossip?", "Have you ever done anything immoral" (My interviewer specified watching pornography as something immoral).

Thankfully my interviewer was much nice and seemed to give me multiple tries, telling me that they might do another one later if I really failed.

Overall the interview process was OK. I guess the only invasive part was when they interviewed my neighbors in person without telling me. (When the FBI comes knocking on your door, you freak out)

I also turned down the internship because the pay was abysmal for IT. $15 an hour.

When the Secret Service came to interview my grandmother, that's when things got the most interesting for me.

So the story goes, they only did that because the Defense Investigative Service didn't have anyone who could do the job locally, and so DIS must have asked around to find out who could do the job for them. But DIS agents definitely talked to various friends from college and other neighbors I had over the years.

Apparently only my grandparents got the visit from the Secret Service.

> watching pornography as something immoral

Well, there goes everyone.

"I disagree with the premise of the question."

It's a yes or no question

And I still disagree with the premise of the question, and so therefore I automatically fail.


I don't agree with this rebuttal. Though it happens a lot, people often assume wrongly that everyone uses pornography. No doubt many do, and good luck to them.

But there is no need to make a majority into a universal here.

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