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> the examiner was convinced I used more drugs than I let on

No they weren’t. They merely pretended they were convinced. It’s all part of the act to make you nervous.

Possible, but how can you know for sure, if you were not there?

The parent poster is correct. This is a standard practice for polygraph interviews. The pick one question, more or less at random, and double/triple/quadruple down on it until you break. Or don't.

I got "have you ever committed a crime" (and after a actually pretty cool conversation about filesharing vs recording songs off the radio with a tape recorder, I passed). A friend of mine got "have you ever had sex with animals." I don't think he enjoyed his experience quite as much.

Oh, man. I would so much rather get the animal question. For the crime question I'd just be sitting there reaching my brain about what level of teenage transgressions I'm supposed to come clean about...

Sadly, 'Fuck you and the horse you rode in on' would be an inappropriate response.

Entirely appropriate as you get up and leave. Seriously. There is no other appropriate reaction unless you're terrified of retribution because it's the USSR or one of the wannabes. Price of freedom, etc. etc.

I'd be throwing in the word "Traitor" if it were me, but only on the basis that it is absolutely true.

After being accused of sex with animals, it's still probably unwise to discuss fucking the high horse someone rode in on.

One of the nsa's biggest breaches was perpetrated by a guy who admitted to bestiality during his polygraph.

lol, you can’t just leave us hanging here

Correlation doesn't imply causation.

Technically, nobody can know for sure, even someone who was there cannot read minds. But I posit that it’s way more likely that it’s part of the standard intimidation technique used by basically every professional intimidator ever – i.e. pretend to be angry and convinced about the person’s guilt in order to get them to either confess or to break down.

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