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I passed my NSA polygraph, though it was uncomfortable. However my psych interviewer was able to get disqualifying info out of me using just technique.

It was only years later while reading a book about the Shin Bet (Israeli military intelligence), I recognized the way I was manipulated.

No hard feelings, after all I was telling the truth, and I probably would have hated the job anyway.

What sort of disqualifying info, if you don't mind my asking?

There were a lot of interesting questions in the psych interview, from porn use to romantic relationships and digital pirating...

And, just spitballing, I wonder if it's a crime to lie in the psych interview. I know it is during the polygraph, since the examiners are federal investigators.

Let's just say at the time I was a bit of a heavy drinker.

And the technique basically was to spend about 15 minutes having possibly the most uncomfortable conversation I've ever had about sexual relationships, pornography, sexual fantasies, etc. -- none of which they actually cared about. The intent was to make me as absolutely uncomfortable as possible. Then he moved on to a few quick questions about drug and alcohol use, which was such a relief, that before I realized what I was doing, I had answered fully and truthfully.

What's interesting though is that a failed polygraph reading isn't sufficient to charge someone with lying to investigators because they would have to prove a polygraph is correct beyond a reasonable doubt. Furthermore, they wouldn't ask you a question they already know the answer to. For example, if they ask you, have you ever done drugs in the past, you wouldn't be there if they already knew the answer was yes.

Can you elaborate on the way you were manipulated?

Oh come on! You're going to drop a book reference but not cite the book?? That's just cruel.

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