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tl;dr (and I don't think it's even mentioned in the article)

You can cheat a polygraph by flexing your anal sphincter.

More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsoI92BfmqY

Some polygraph setups will include a "butt pad" that you sit on that can detect your flinching.

I think it's interesting because it somewhat supports the claim. If clinching didn't work or help in some way, why bother including a motion detector under your backside.

Those who believe clinching works also believe polygraphs work (except when clinching)

Remove the clinching illusion and you restore the polygraph illusion to that group.

Right. I don't honestly understand any justification for the "defenses" described (at various websites). If the polygraph just doesn't work, why attempt any "countermeasures". The whole thing is kind of funny.

I think you're exactly right. The fact that the "butt pad" is there means that you have to believe that clinching would have any effect one way or the other. So the butt pad is really just part of the overage mirage.

Or imagine someone comes into take a polygraph and you search their shoes and find a tack. You can be pretty sure they came in expecting to tell some lies, and had a plan for "beating the machine".

You just need to show consistency

Imagining that I’m running gets my heart rate up, I can keep my breathing consistent, and the finest sensor detects perspiration changes on your finger which is the toughest but also a mental game.

Finally you need to consider the psychology of the tester or institution testing you. There are irrelevant questions that may not be yes or no questions, but its often more important for you to not be a free thinking paralegal expert and instead a soldier that complies.

So if the question is “have you illegal downloaded mp3s” the answer isn't “the consumer doesnt have the burden of knowing if the provider owns the copyright or associated license and copyright infringement only occurs if you share it” its just “no”, but if you can rationalize your compliance with the legal defense then it will be seamless to say “no” without showing an anomaly on the polygraph

Also congratulations you're a sociopath now, just focus on your breathing

Some questions will cause some people to panic regardless. "Have you ever had sexual thoughts about underage people? Yes or No."

Better to say No and fail the test than say Yes and show consistent polygraphs but still fail the clearance and position.

Lying to the investigator is worse. Ultimately getting a clearance depends on a judgement call from several people. Answering truthfully to a very open ended question like that is not necessarily a dealbreaker.

More targeted followup questions may be worse. Stuff like acting on impulses, doing stuff that you could be blackmailed for, seeking out materials, etc...

People see questions on the forms and think that answering yes anywhere means no job, but what they really want to know is if someone can get leverage over you to betray their trust and if you can show a good level of judgement and maturity.

yes, these are factors.

now lets address how the federal government exempted itself in being able to use lie detector tests for employment when we know it doesn't work

the point is that the rationale is flawed. "but muh blackmail" yeah the ENTIRE private sector wanted to use that excuse too.

Raises the question is No the 'right' answer? 'Yes [when I was 15]' is an entirely reasonable, and I suspect common, truthful answer, so saying No might make you stand out more, even though the obvious 'right' answer is to say No.

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