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Do you run them personally and get full tables? If so do you pay for the peering and where?

No, I run it in my (hosting) company.

I pay around 250 USD per link per month each, but you also need AS-numbers and IP-addresses, in RIPE (I am in Europe) that is ~2k USD more per year..

edit typo.

forgot to write, that would be massive overkill for a private person...

maybe overkill, but i do that... got 7 servers in total around the world (2x London, 1x Frankfurt, 2 in Amsterdam, 1 in Ashburn and 1 in Dublin (Home)) and all (except home) have full routes with their upstream providers and a few IXes too. costs around 100 per month, including the ASN and V4/V6 space, and if you include the home internet connection, double that. all routes are brought back to the house for internal testing, so some servers have space using my own IPs. Yes, overkill, but defiantly fun to play with! [update] forgot to mention, all run Linux and Bird. Did look at OpenBGPD, but settled on bird. Also, if interested, https://dn42.net got me started, and i am https://as204994.net.

Thanks for sharing! I always thought it'd be fun to do table analysis as a side project. I know BGPmon got bought out a while ago and was always curious if anyone would do full tables via iBGP peering. Obviously it would be more adventageous to have a few geo disperse peering points to make it worthwhile.

Take a look at spamhaus bgp feed. Better than a firewall: just blackhole the traffic coming from known spammers.

you peer what to who with that?

Everything is on is asn site above. The peers are here https://www.peeringdb.com/net/15369

details of my direct upstream peers would be here: https://bgp.he.net/AS204994. Some of my peers (CLoudflare, he.net) are peering directly over IXes (KleyRex, for example) and some (Google) would be though the route server...

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