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Agreed. I would go so far as to vote for a representative who wanted to pass a law restricting what is legal advertisement.

I believe undisclosed ads should be illegal, I would ban music in ads, I would ban color in ads, I would ban sexuality in advertisement, I would ban appeals to emotions in ads.

If a product truly makes the life of the purchaser better, then no gimmicks are needed to sell it.

I would also ban all "puffery" in advertising, a.k.a. lies that are ok because they're unverifiable.

And yet we try to appeal to others ratio or emotion with arguments in discussions like these. So that that they buy in to our ideas. We persuade, it is good to be charismastic and seducing too. And if someone famous writes or speaks, someone we adore, we listen more careful. In the end it matters, that we can find enough people to vote for that one guy, to give him or her the power, that bans or controls behaviour, that we just used ourselves. Meh. Its all blurry lines.

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