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The one place I thought ads were relevant was on google search. After all, I was searching for the product they are advertising.

But the line started to blur when they decided to remove that yellow background that tells me the result is an ad. Now, it's a 11px font that spells ad. That's the only indicator.

For myself, I created a single use extension that turns google ads background to yellow[1]. I'm fine with ads on Google search, as long as I know they are ads.

[1]: https://github.com/ibudiallo/gadlight

Well that, and the fact that it actually says “Advertisement.”

No, as the parent mentioned, it says "Ad". As this is so short, I also find it easy to miss this

It's clear Google removed the previously obvious demarcation between ads and results specifically to make it less obvious.

I'd prefer a different background colour (like the parent's extension), but it would also help a bit if it said "Advertisement" instead of "Ad".

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