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I think any project growing at the tremendous rate that Clojure has done is going to need significant process issues in managing all of the stuff people want to add/fix/doc/integrate. I can't even keep up on the libraries people are creating around Clojure, much less the pressure the core must be under.

It's hard to do both new dev + maintenance on any big project, much less a language so many of us feel personally invested in. Looking back to this time last year, there is a lot more infrastructure in place and on the way that builds a base for managed growth. I'm hopeful that once process stuff gets smoother it will be easier to streamline and offload some of that work. If Linus can do it, Rich can do it too.

The patches I've contributed to core have gone in (or been bounced) appropriately in reasonable time frames. One bug I submitted even got a patch from a first time contributor! That's good stuff.

Chas and everyone else in the community, many thanks for the tremendous efforts this year - I can't wait to see where we go in 2011.

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