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That's a completely different discussion though. Personally I'm not offended by seeing a brand placement if it helps the content creator and is transparent (meaning I know it's an ad, and it's not collecting data about me).

Bringing it to a physical example, if I walk into a store and see a product placement or physical sign advertisement, I'm not that offended by it. But if they started fingerprinting me and taking my picture under the premise of selling me more stuff... I'm offended by that.

I don't use any of the methods they mention there (although I know that they can use my credit card info to track me as well).

But, yeah, I'm still offended by that. It doesn't justify the widespread behavior on the internet to me, they're both bad.

You may not use the CCTV in stores but I can assure you it is using you.

Source: I set up this tracking for a retailer.

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