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> Repeating your point above word for word before you switched accounts doesn't make your argument any stronger.

I don't understand. Are you making a (false) allegation that I'm the user ETHisso2017? How is it relevant here? I don't often comment, but I created an account solely to reply your comment because the level of (un)ethical implication of your comments is intolerable to me.

> Hydrogen flouride is used directly in weapons manufacturing.

Japan's trade sanctions include photoregist, hydrogen fluoride, fluorine polyimide, all critical to photolithography, not just hydrogen flouride. It never is a coincidence. You can't take the only one that's easy to criticize and pretend as if it is all of the points. It is misleading by omission at best.

The purpose of the sanction is to spoil the SK semiconductor industry in response to the WW2 sexual slavery verdict. Anyone who have looked into SK-JP news or with basic knowledge in semiconductor industry would know it. It's as simple as that.

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