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These damn ethics committees are just slowing down much needed progress. Let's not pretend that DARPA and other black military scientific experimentation sites around the world have, and are, operating under the ethical radar and keeping their findings classified and to themselves and highly doubtful to the betterment of mankind. Let's just call a spade a spade and loosen the restrictions on the scientific community that actually operates with the public good in mind.

Let's move fast and break things, including our ethics.

Counties have done unethical experiments on humans before, and maybe they do it now. Why should we hold ourselves to a standard, if other groups do not? I couldn't possibly think of a reason why the scientific community would hold themselves accountable, rather than think they know best and act as if they were superior to the larger community they work to improve. I mean, that mindset has never gone wrong.

Personally, I like seeing a community doing some attempt at self regulation. Maybe it's not perfect, but it's better than nothing.

Let's move fast and break things, including our ethics.

Why not? That's how we got vaccines, isn't it? (Stated completely without any ironic intent.)

It's all fun and research until someone loses an eye though.

A price for a progress

As long as someone else pays for it.

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