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What can we do as computer scientists to best militate this risk and protect human life?

Make sure the Bengali alphabet is working in whatever software you are doing.

Even better create robust Bengali NLP models.

How does that help? I'm being serious in asking.

It makes IT tools more accessible to the common person in Bangladesh. More likely to use it correctly, to master it.

Almost certainly, nothing. Wrong skill set.

Maybe not directly but software engineers are in a good position this days to find work easily and get a good salary. Maybe support financially organizations that fight global warming?

Ask yourself in Bengali: "Dil ki doya?" (Translated: Is there mercy in your heart?)

Pay for their plane tickets out of there

It is up to their alley. Giving birth to less children, raising them better, solving poverty. Knowing Bangladesh, unlikely

Or they could maintain the same birth rate and use technology that was well understood before anyone in this board was born. Huge portions of the Low Countries have been prosperous and below sea level for centuries. It requires dykes, ditches, windmills and uninterrupted competent engineering organisations. Dutch history shows that’s adequate for keeping land 2m below sea level inhabited and rich. Any rise greater than that and they might have to break out technology more advanced than windmills. It’s a massive engineering challenge but unless Bangladesh is built on limestone so the bedrock is porous it’s an engineering challenge that WWII technology would have been sufficient to.

Unfortunately the geology and geography of Bangladesh means that dikes won't be effective. What worked in the Netherlands won't work there.


Closer to home, South Florida will eventually have similar problems. The whole region sits on permeable limestone so dikes are pointless.

It's all but certainly too late for birthrate changes alone to reduce population within the anticipated timeframe.

That leaves emigration or mortality increases, barring further food miracles.

Yes, regards water level it won't do much (I missed parent's point), but it doesn't hurt to have less children and give them better education vs the way it is now.

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