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jamesaguilar 1210 days ago | link | parent

One thing I always wonder when I see stuff like this: is it because development is actually stalled, or is the project just finished? At some point, it can be useful for things to stop changing except to the extent that it is require to prevent bit rot.

swannodette 1210 days ago | link

There's a lot left to do. Huge upcoming projects:

  * Pods
  * Clojure-in-Clojure compiler
  * High performance higher order operations 
    on persistent data structures filled with primitives
Projects that have been talked about but no-one's helmed:

  * Predicate dispatch
  * Datalog (fast enough for the above)
Community projects in development:

  * design for asynchronous code (think Microsoft's Rx Extension)
  * network REPL
  * unification library
  * exception/conditions design
I could go on, but you get the idea.


apgwoz 1210 days ago | link

I still want nREPL support for emacs, but I haven't had a chance to look at actually doing it...


cemerick 1210 days ago | link

FWIW, there's lots of stuff to be done in nREPL proper as well. Anyone interested should definitely ping me. I'll hopefully get the outstanding issues into the new JIRA in the next couple of weeks, along with a migration of the various design notes that are scattered about.


puredanger 1210 days ago | link

Also: * integrating fork-join!


fogus 1210 days ago | link


  * Scopes
  * Better type inferencing
  * letmacro
  * The things in Rich's mind that are baking


gtani 1210 days ago | link

- CLR, android

- common parse/highlight backend for emacs, vim, eclipse etc



locopati 1210 days ago | link

Especially for a new language where it takes time to build a base - time that would be well spent bringing the toolset, libraries, and frameworks up to level.


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