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Any single food in inappropriate quantities can be called junk food, any food eaten in moderation and with variety can be appropriately nutritious...

In the world of abstract logic, perhaps. In practical reality, no.

Some foods are just more nutritious than others, and some foods cause more trouble than the nutrients that they provide. There is junk food that is just based on empty calories and toxic elements that then have to be worked on by the body to just remove (much more so than other food). You could say that junk food is perhaps better than no food, if someone is really starving. But it does not magically become good for you because you eat it "in moderation and variety".

FYI: “toxic elements” is a quack term when it comes nutrition. Everything is poisonous (i.e. “toxic”) at the right dosage level.

Also, a “nutrient” is just something that promotes growth and provides energy. That makes olive oil and sticks of butter a lot more “nutrient rich” than a pile of broccoli. Nobody will survive on the latter alone.

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