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I'm not remotely torn about it, taken to the finish, it's a human organ with my dna grown in a pig and then transplanted into me.

We already eat bacon and use large mammal heart valves in surgery.

I mean we wear the skin of cows, grease things with their rendered fat and use them for glue.

This seems like a strange point to be torn on.

Remember that a bio ethicist has years of education on smart ways to block stuff like this.

If they didn’t block this stuff they wouldn’t have a job.

Well, "we" don't all eat bacon and wear the skin of cows. What's strange about wanting to respect other living beings and avoid harming them? This is also not incompatible with the belief that a human life should come first, e.g. in your heart valve example.

I quite enjoyed the cognitive dissonance of the PETA director being a Type 1 Diabetic.


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