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>i.e. the preoccupation of consultants is almost always "sell, sell, sell" rather than "help the client make money"

The hilarious part for me, as an independent consultant, is my partner and I often agonize over how to help the client make money in spite of themselves.

I'm not disagreeing with you---if we were employees for a big-c Consulting Firm we'd likely be under the gun to act as you describe whether we wanted to or not, and what we offer is definitely different from the most common experience people have of working with a consulting firm, but it's just funny for me to read.

Right! I should clarify that I'm only describing the big management consulting firms that most everyone has heard of. I should have wrote "management" before each time I wrote" consultant" but I didn't want to be repetitive and hoped it would be clear from the context.

Independent consultants are an entirely different group and behave very differently.

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