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> Of course we want governments, corporations, and other institutions to act. History shows that the fastest most effective way is for each of us to start first.

Exactly what history shows this? Every major case of social change I can think of (civil rights, women's rights, labor rights, what environmental regulations we have) has happened through mass movements not independent individual choices.

The time is for collective action on this. @GretaThunberg has been quite articulate about the need for immediate systemic change not just personal choices. Also, great news today, thanks to action on the part of @sunrisemvmt CNN will host a climate-focused Democratic primary debate. Movements can change what is "possible".

You're over estimating how much impact the West has on climate change.


There's only one solution that is known to be practical and based on non speculative approaches: nuclear fission power. And we have to do it globally. Even if emissions in the West drop to zero yesterday, it won't matter.

Your own source disagrees with you. It clearly shows the US is the top cumulative CO2 producer and one of the highest annually.

Right? The link also indicates that the US is one of the highest per capita emitters as well.

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