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Show HN: go back in time and get nostalgic about 2010 with rrrewind.com (rrrewind.com)
22 points by earlyriser on Dec 30, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

I realize this is probably a pet project for the fun of it, but at least you may want to monetize the Amazon section.

Thanks. Actually the original idea was made something with affiliate links and Top games, top books, top songs... But it changed into more a media consumption app. Your idea is still good, but I'm more focused on make something useful and look to monetize it later.

This is really cool! I would like to be able to have an easier way to view a specific date. A calendar button would be nice.

Also the ability to see the most popular results for a date range?

thanks for your input. a calendar is in my to-dos. At this moment you can use the archives link top-right

Looks like top stories on HN grow to be top stories elsewhere.

Yes. I notice that too. I would like to do some visualizations of trends in time.

Not sure about the logo, and the colors behind the logo. Liked the Dribble addition. Maybe the photos and designs make the site shine.

got a suggestion? the idea is left=past=hot right=now=cool hot stuff that becomes cool

I would like to see something similar, but that tells me what major events which happened on this day the past years.

"This day in history", appearing in print, then radio, then on birthday cards, then television, then the internet. If you look, you'll find what you seek pretty much everywhere.

That was part of the initial concept. However almost all the news sites have an archives option, then I dropped this.

With sites like Dribbble/Youtube/HN if you miss one day, all is gone for good. If you miss the news in the web it is probable that you can catch that on the TV or maybe in the next days.

Very cool idea. You could even go the breadpig route and sell "On this date..." birthday cards for geeks!

Thanks. Checking that. Does it really work?

HN only goes back to 10/28?

Yes. I added it a bit late. Same for Dribbble.

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