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>Every pharmaceutical sales rep is an immoral cancer on our society.

This seems like one of the most cleanly horizontally divided opinions in all of the US - where nearly everybody agrees loudly and strongly with it except the wealthy and powerful. I wish a presidential candidate would have the balls to echo this severe but obviously popular thought and fix the fucking system with extreme prejudice.

There are at least two currently-running candidates who do seem have the balls to directly confront the pharma industry! Why do you think there aren't?

There are 20-some people running...I wouldn't call them a presidential candidate yet...more like presidential hopefuls.

And because big pharma seems to always win.

They are technically all candidates. The winner of the primary is a nominee.

Pharma gets what they pay for. Vote for someone who isn't beholden to them.

Yeah, but after continuing to vote for people that don't have backing and therefore never have a chance to start really is starting to feel like I am wasting my vote.

Hell, because of the Electoral College, my vote ultimately doesn't count if it isn't what the whole state picks.

they win because not enough people care!

Because the people that will likely win the nomination will almost certainly have big money, to include Big Pharma, behind them. Ads, research, propaganda, and aggressive ground games work, but they need money. Like multi-national corp or nation-state level money[1].

Hilary had some uncomfortable ties to Wall Street -- she was a Senator from NY, mind you -- and the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz picked up a lot of Budweiser money by scrapping any DNC talk of Marijuana Legalization (DWS has long battle MJ Legalization in Florida, so she's been taking their money for a while, or was a sympathetic bribe for Alcohol). But I could have lived with that in exchange for working health care and sane foreign policy.

[1] see also: the russian firehose of propaganda -- https://www.rand.org/pubs/perspectives/PE198.html

I think you’ve got a very skewed view of the US population if you think it’s clearly divided populous on this issue.


Why play the victim before anybody has attacked you? I agree, that's my favorite thing he's done. He can be a bad orange man on the par too.

I think this is needlessly inflammatory. I agree with Trump on this and I’m sure many here do as well. No one has yet said, “orange man bad” so we shouldn’t conjure up that bug bear until it happens, it detracts from good faith conversation.

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