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Exactly - there's still plenty of people calling it "global warming" mocking people who don't understand or believe the science. We've hit the point where most (or at least more) people agree with the conclusions of the scientific consensus, but they don't remotely understand it, and they're mocking other people who don't understand it, and all we're achieving is getting a bunch of strawman arguments out there that are easy to discredit.

If I may share a simpler analog, it's like when I see people on social media mocking flat-earthers and saying, "how do you think cell phones work if satellites aren't real?" Okay - you agree the earth is near-spherical. That's great. But your lack of actual understanding just gave the flat-earthers a chance to point out that cell phones don't actually use orbiting satellites, make you look like you don't know what you're talking about, and win the argument. Now somebody who also doesn't understand is questioning the scientific consensus even more strongly.

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