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Consider adding a revenue stream immediately. Let users pay to see what others have said about friends. Charge 1 facebook credit. Also let users pay to block that access: 10 credits. Also pay to let others ignore the block: 100 credits. Etc...

You'll need to redirect to a facebook page to use credits because they aren't available off facebook.com yet. They don't have many good examples of offsite apps using credits, so they could streamline the approval process I bet. Email me with questions.

I'm not sure all your users are familiar with Facebook credits; I'm not sure you want to set up barriers before you know what you have.

If he isn't making money with an app like this, he has nothing. Ohh and millions of people understand facebook credits. I can tell you with pretty good knowledge that the 1-credit transaction is a good idea for this kind of application.

Certainly this hasn't been proven with apps off of facebook. It's an excellent experiment though.

I thought Facebook credits weren't even available as an option for Connect apps?

If you really want to grow even faster:

1) scrap the standalone website and build it as an iframe app (should be very little work). This will simplify login significantly and will keep people inside FB, which in my experience, makes a world of difference in the viral funnel.

2) replace the "share this link" with a real Stream.publish call. Consider adding like buttons for every single user's page.

3) Allow people to see which of their friends have answers as well.

Then, if you add the 1 credit transaction, you should do pretty well. Beware, however... Facebook has given out a lot of free credits to users and they do not give app devs any payback when free credits are used. These chargebacks can affect actual revenue from small transactions like this significantly.

An offerwall could be a good substitute.

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