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Vast swathes of land in Russia that have been frigid are becoming arable. Lots of formerly inland properties will become seafront all around the world - invest wisely!

Temperate, not necessarily arable. Arable implies soil conditions, etc which most of these areas probably don't have.

I meant arable: the soil (not) being frozen is one of the factors affecting arability, right? Russia has this to gain (with precipitation being possibly at risk) https://phys.org/news/2018-05-climate-arable.html

Vast swathes of land in Russia are releasing gigatons of methane now. Methane has a way stronger greenhouse effect than carbondioxyde.

This is really terrifying. Google ‚Methans craters‘...


Warsaw is today 27C, Minsk 21C, Smolensk 18C, Moscow 22C. So not entire Europe is baking in heatwave only the Western part.

The same circulation is heating Western Europe and cooling Eastern Europe.

To later become island front?

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