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What is the personal benefit to believing in climate change? Now you get to feel bad about doing all the things you're going to do anyway? If you're going to go cognitive dissonance, you might as well go all-in.

Lifestyle choices won't affect climate change as long as we keep fueling the machine that's chewing through the resources. "It's the economy, stupid" - the modern economy doesn't just depend on consuming many resources as possible, its tenets are fundamentally based around it. Every call for more jobs is a call for more waste. Every push to lower interest rates is a judgment of valuing the present over the future. We've figured out how to make more stuff than we can actually ever use - now we need to figure out how to dial it back instead of throwing the excess away.

It's important because it frames what is happening now in a proper context. For example, in the USA, we are caging climate refugees, many children, in concentration camps. The media doesn't call them climate refugees, but that's what they are. If you understand this, then you understand the problem of people wanting to come is only going to get worse, and it's a moral imperative we let them come.

It's also important to you because it can help you decide where to work, where to live, and what to do.

Without a sense of action, that "proper context" just causes more mental anguish. I'm obviously writing from a place of accepting climate change - I'm just describing why denying it is so attractive. Lifestyle choices are intrinsically a social game - your ignorant climate change denier is likely very concerned about some different issue, and can't understand why you're ignoring it. There are so many problems, it's impossible to care about them all. Meanwhile the media encourages both ignorances, pitting them against one another to insulate the status quo.

I don't think denial is apathy or a response to dealing with other problems. Denial is a product of a massive disinformation campaign. There is a reason the rest of the world (in places with worse problems than in USA) doesn't have the same level of denial.

If it is simply a disinformation campaign, then why hasn't that disinformation campaign been waged more equally across different countries? Even if the US is one of the largest markets to maintain, surely there would also be great value in eroding the European consensus.

I'd argue that the overriding moderator is culture, with global warming being much more inconvenient for the car-based consumption treadmill.

> There is a reason the rest of the world (in places with worse problems than in USA)

It's not about real problems that people directly struggle with, but rather political "problems" that mass media turns into a divisive frenzy.

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