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You joke (I think) but that's the path we're headed down. I'm fully expecting over a billion people to die within my lifetime from disease, malnutrition, and war spurred by climate change. It's foolish to think humans are so different from other life that we won't have a population crash after such rapid growth.

You should probably expect far more than that over your lifetime, but you can pretty much ignore malnutrition and war based on current data on causes of death. Already about 1.8 people die around the world every second from all causes. That's a billion people in less than 18 years. Half of those are for people over 70. About 80% of the deaths are people 50 years and older. 30% of all deaths are from cardiovascular diseases, over 85% of all deaths are from some sort of disease. If you correlate the various diseases with age it's not unreasonable to claim "old age" as the biggest killer. Even if we gain mastery over planetary climate as an engineering solution to climate change, without tackling old age, your estimates on billions of deaths from disease should not change.

I could have been clearer, but I meant disease, malnutrition, and war, each spurred by climate change. Diseases like malaria and cholera that would have infected far fewer people if not for climate change. I'm thinking at least a billion plus people on top of the baseline rate of dying.

I joke because the parent statement had so much fear and emotion. Sometimes things are out of our control. The world has systems for balancing everything.

On the positive side without population crashes evolution doesn't work so in some ways things are working as as designed.

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