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Because. DoorDash would not like you to think it's that you paying DoorDash and DoorDash paying Dashers. That would, in fact, make them independent contractors.

Instead, DoorDash would like you to think that you are paying the Dasher directly. DoorDash provided you a platform to find a Dasher and enter into a delivery agreement with them. And DoorDash is graciously "contributing" to the Dasher's income. This would make them no more an independent contractor than someone looking for work on Craigslist.

I don't think this holds up because DoorDash is custodial of the money before it reaches the Dasher's wallet, and because from the customer's perspective, they're ordering delivery from DoorDash, not a Dasher. But that's just my idle speculation.

How is what you're describing different than a freelancing platform like upwork?

I'm sure the service terms are different but in upwork's case, they're also acting as the escrow and taking a cut.

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